Varied hiking trails on the Brienzer Rothorn

If mountain hiking is your interest then look no further than what the Brienzer Rothorn has to offer. The region surrounding the Brienz Rothorn Railway offers our guests six varied challenges for every level of experience and ability. These trails are however not to be considered as Sunday strolls, please come prepared with appropriate clothing and footware, some of these trails are over 7’000 feet above sea level with conditions to match!

The routes are however well signposted and prepared are as follows:



<b>Route Number</b> <b>Mountain Trail Route</b> <b>Time required</b>
2 Brienzer Rothorn Station 2244 m - Brünigpass 1002 m 4 h 30 min
3 Brienzer Rothorn Station 2244 m - Planalp 1341 m 1 h 45 min
Planalp 1341 m - Brienz 566 m 1 h 45 min
4 Brienzer Rothorn Station 2244 m - Lättgässli - Chruterenpass 2102 m - Planalp 1341 m 2 h
5 Planalp 1341 m - Mettli - Brienz 566 m 1 h 50 min
6 Planalp 1341 m - Schwanden 659 m - Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg 634 m 2 h
1 Brienzer Rothorn Station 2244 m - Arnihaaggen 2207 m - Schönbüel 2011 m - Turren - Lungern [Cablecare closes] 5 h 15 min

Hiking tickets

<b>Section</b> <b>Prices in CHF</b>
Brienz - Rothorn / Planalp - Brienz 70.50
Brienz - Rothorn / Rothorn - Sörenberg 67.50

Prices subject to change

Six days distance trekking: Panorama Brienz Rothorn Trail

First day:    Interlaken
2nd day:     Interlaken–Brienz
3rd day:      Brienzer Rothorn–Arnihaagen–Brünigpass
4th day:      Meiringen
5th day:      Meiringen-Axalp
6th day:     Axalp–Schweibenalp–Iseltwald–Interlaken


Rothorn wildlife & nature: a fascinating bio-diversity

The Brienzer Rothorn offers nature lovers a great variety of alpine flowers particular to this region. If you rise early and take the first train up to the Rothorn, or, better still, you stay the night in our Hotel Rothorn Kulm, you will have a very good chance to observe herds of chamois clambering the rock formations of the upper alpine reaches. The Brienzer Rothorn is famous for its indigenous ibex colony, an elegant animal well worth the patience to observe.


The panoramic vista at the summit of the Brienzer Rothorn

From the station and restaurant at Rothorn Kulm situated 7362 feet above sea level it is a short walk up the remaining few meters to the very peak of the Brienzer Rothorn. The rewarding views on offer simply have to be seen to be believed. The 360° panorama takes in the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau to the southwest complementing the peaks of the Pilatus, Rigi and Jura to the north.