Lättgässli - Chruterenpass - Planalp

Enjoy the steep descent, the great panorama of Alps and lake

Enjoy the steep descent, the great panorama of Alps and lake and not forgetting the sight of the steam locomotives pounding their loaded way up to the summit of the Rothorn.
The trek begins a little above the Rothorn Station. It takes its’ way to the left of the path to the peak of the mountain. The way passes over the top of the Schöngütsch at 2320m (7611’) above sea level where a complete 360° panorama rewards the walker. Return the same way back to the path diversion.
A pleasant mountain path takes you along the mountain ridge which soon descends steeply into the Lättgässli. This well built descent is best undertaken with walking sticks, or, as our director said, with Apero-sticks!
The pictures impress well just how imposing this way is and also how easily the walker will be taken in with the experience!
At Chruterenboden, 2074 m (6804‘) above sea level, take the left branch to Chruterenpass where, you will agree, the vista is simply amazing.
The final descent to Planalp with lineside views of the steam locomotives in action is easily undertaken as a memorable round-off to your afternoon out on the Brienzer Rothorn.

Duration: about 2h 00 min