Hiking Rothorn - Brünigpass

Der spektakulärste Höhenbergwanderweg der Schweiz: Geniessen Sie die unendliche Weite und die beruhigende Stille.

Rothorn – Brunigpass

The most spectacular mountain trekking in Switzerland: enjoy the endless expanse and quiet tranquility that the region has to offer.

Experience the classic of Switzerland‘s alpine routes! Savour the grandiose beauty of the Brienzer Rothorn and the diversity of its’ alpine flora and fauna.

The route may be started either from Sörenberg with the Cablecar or from Brienz with the Brienz Rothorn Railway. Either way, the peak of the Brienzer Rothorn is from where the pathway begins, 7,709’ above sea level. The route is calculated to take about 2½ hours and passes via Arnihaagen to Schönbüel 6,597’. An additional hours hike takes one to Turren 5,124’ above sea level. The route is recommended to be undertaken with start in point in Lungern-Schönbüel, this gives the walker the imposing views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau massives across the valley of the Lake of Brienz.

Duration: about 4h 40 min