Steam Experiences

Erleben Sie Dampftechnik hautnah: Die Brienz Rothorn Bahn nimmt Sie mit auf eine Entdeckungsreise der etwas anderen Art.

Have you ever dreamt of firing a steam locomotive? Have you ever wished to travel on the footplate and be part of the journey as it really unfolds ‘up front’?  The Brienz Rothorn Bahn can offer you the chance of a lifetime; you would be part of the team firing one of our workhorses up the gradients of the Rothorn. You will listen, learn, and work thereby winning at the end of the shift, the satisfaction of a job well done! A ‘grimy grin’ at the day’s end is guaranteed. More

The Brienz Rothorn Railway is pleased to be able to offer visitors the chance, not only to ride up to the peak of the Rothorn, but to offer this journey on the footplate of steam locomotive in commercial operation! The day we offer however is not just a trip up and back down. You will be invited along to see how these locos are prepared in detail, you will be shown the principals of operation and the footplate ride will then bring it all together. The trip will include at least 2 hours of ‘route action’ and an accompanying BRB representative will ensure for your safety, (this is not just a simple yard ride we offer here!).
Footplate trips are available daily from the 6th June until the 25th of October. You are requested to book your date as early as possible and at least two days in advance, to facilitate our arrangements. More