Technical details

Bahnstrecke, Bahntechnik, Rollmaterial: Hier erfahren Sie Wissenswerte über die Technik der Brienz Rothorn Bahn.

Length 7,6 km
Difference in altidude<br />(from 566 to 2244 m above sea level) 1678 m
Smallest curve radius 60 m
Greatest incline 250 0/00
Average incline 225 0/00

Technical Details

Gradient: In railway technology, the inclination of a slope is not measured in degrees but in metres per kilometre. This means the height difference in 0/00 of horizontal distance. For example: if a point is located 100m higher at a distance of 1 kilometre the gradient is 100 0/00. The Brienz Rothorn Railway has an average gradient of 225 0/00 and a maximum gradient of 250 0/00. Comparable to  1 in 4 or 25% in road terminology. The way the BRB masters this challenge is by employing the Abt dual rack and pinion system.